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It presents me with a notion that life is real. A certain authenticity. When you are able to do what life asks of you, it requires a silence within yourself to be able to hear.

It is said that once you have heard it, you will recognise it time and again. Silence. For some, amidst the cacophony of life, it is a pleasant sound. They seek it. Both around as well as within themselves. Sometimes it seems that the silence within can best be heard when the inner landscape echoes the outer. The people that live in ‘the forest’, as the inhabitants like to call it, shape life on the outside in accordance with what it sounds like from within.

For an entire summer Ursula Jernberg paid a weekly visit to the inhabitants of ‘the forest’, somewhere in the Netherlands. Aurora is the start of a long-term project. The next step in her research will be aimed at penetrating the core of the freedom searching individual and his position within the community.

  • Date: 2015
  • Filed under: Aurora