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In 2014 Ursula Jernberg travelled to Iceland to work on an assignment, which had the aim of resulting in an exposition. An assignment for which the director of a cultural organisation challenged her to work in a different way, a way she was not accustomed to or had ever worked in before.

It had been two years since she self-published her book Characters of Jante. A project for which she planned every single detail and for which she staged every single picture in order to bring her ‘non-events’ to life and tell her envisaged story. This meant she carefully cast her models and conscientiously searched for the most fitting setting.

As she had been challenged to step out of her comfort zone, she decided to let go of her usual method and throw caution to the wind whilst working on Emerge. She therefore did not plan or stage a single thing. She simply took her camera and went on her way, determined to trust her talent and to let her eyes do the work, merely depending on them to observe, detect and guide her.

The result was astounding. For her personally this has been the most relaxed working method to date. Allowing herself to be in the moment and to be in dialogue with nature and the landscape surrounding her. Observing images with her eyes, without necessarily paying attention to the observing process itself or trying to steer it in any which way.

Nature took her by the hand and led her to various places, all of which had water emerging in one of three of its forms – solid (ice), liquid (water) or gas (steam).

The work was exhibited in a group expo (Gitte Hendikx, Ursula Jernberg, Iztok Klančar, Henk Otte and Bruno Zhu) from the 10th of October up to and including the 30th of November 2014 at Showroom Mama, Witte de Withstraat 29-31, Rotterdam.

  • Date: 2014
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