What Moves Me

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‘I am more interested in what moves people, than how they move’ (Pina Bausch).

German choreographer Pina Bausch’s (1940-2009) dance pieces served as the inspiration for Ursula Jernberg’s photo series What Moves Me. Bausch’s originality and forte were combining dance and theatre, meticulous direction, and the way in which she made use of her dancers. She created her pieces on the basis of collages, musical edits, stereotypical movements, repeated situations and often also autobiographical elements of the dancers themselves.

To realise this project Ursula Jernberg set about finding young dancers in The Hague. She subsequently asked them to disclose something about themselves and about dancing, both in reference to Bausch’s quote (‘I am more interested in what moves people, than how they move’). Elements of the dance pieces Café Müller, Kontakthof, Nelken and Walzer have been incorporated into the photo series in a subtle way. The series consists of four portraits.

What Moves Me was part of the Getuigen exposition, on display at Het Nutshuis (The Hague) from 21 November 2011 – 22 December 2011.

UJ_WMM_digi_pres1          UJ_WMM_digi_pres4UJ_WMM_digi_pres5          UJ_WMM_digi_pres6UJ_WMM_digi_pres7          UJ_WMM_digi_pres3

  • Date: 2011
  • Client: Het Nutshuis
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